September - 20 - 2017

Are you all set for that royal visit? If yes, then Reel King is here to welcome you with open arms. This monarch is known for his fun-filled nature and has the key to enter the royal treasure chambers. On the other hand, he can further grant you a jackpot if you are hard-working enough. You have to be his hard-working subjects and winning won’t be that difficult for you. If you can fill all the available reel positions with the current jackpot symbols, then you can easily crack the main jackpot, right now! Just be sure to learn about the ways to play this game, and you are all covered.

Be sure to check out the overview:

Always remember to check the overview of this game before even taking active part over here. Here, your target is to match three same symbols, next to one another on the same line. There are up to 20 lines, and the rolling number is 5. The curve can be availed from both the sides; from the right to left and left to right. There are two special symbols just like in most of the slot games. The wild or dunce cap is the jackpot symbol.

Learning about the bonus:

If you are planning to win it big, then the bonus game from Reel King is the one you should be looking for. After each spin, you get the chances to invite five reel kings. These kings have their own roller sets. Each set can provide you with the opportunity to earn more amounts of profits. If there is no winning combination in any of the five sets, then the reel king will disappear again. With the help of 5 reels, you have right to win up to 500 times of your total bonus bets. That number is huge, and you need a bit of luck by your side for winning.

Time for the service:

Once you have entered the world of Reel king, you have to select the amount, which you are planning to bet. Be extremely sure of the amount before entering one. After you have fixed the bet amount, now it is time to choose the application. For that, you can use + or – symbols and get to select the one you want to play on.

To start the individual rounds, you can click on the start button. Or else, you can select the auto start button for starting the rounds automatically. If you want to terminate the automatic round, then click on the stop button. With the help of win button, you can check out the profit overview. Depending on your betting amount, you get the chance to calculate the profit opportunities automatically.

Enter the Gamble world:

If you want to double your win, then you can click on the “gamble” button. But, this setting follows double or nothing, as the motto. So, either you get the chance to double your profit or lose everything you have. Be sure to check the consequences first before working in this segment.